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Coupling of Ocean-Climate and Paleoecologic Change

How do marine zooplankton (i.e., planktic foraminifera) respond to abrupt climate changes such as rapidly rising temperatures and ocean acidification? What can the fossil record of extreme climate events in deep time teach us about the future of our oceans? I investigate ancient global carbon cycle perturbations to better understand how our oceans, atmosphere, and marine biota will respond to our changing climate. 


Paleoproxy Development Through Modern & Historic Oceanographic Sampling

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Secondary Influences on Paleoclimatic, Ecologic, and Sedimentological Interpretations

In the paleo-sciences it is critical that we are able to parse out true primary signals from secondary influences on our records. I work to investigate how secondary mechanisms such as diagenesis and sediment mixing can interfere with our interpretations of paleoclimate and paleoecology, and create methods for working around these potential biases. I also critically examine inherent biases in common methodologies to better evaluate primary signals housed in sedimentary records. 


Signals of Provenance, Paleoclimate, and Redox in Mudrocks 

Mudrocks are the most abundant yet understudied sedimentary rocks on the planet. Though they can appear to be "boring", the geochemistry and sedimentology of mudrocks can provide insight into past records of climate and hydrology, redox conditions, and changes in sediment sources. I've worked to characterize signals of provenance, paleoclimate, and redox housed in ancient mudrocks in order to better understand their depositional history as well as identify potential controls on organic matter preservation in black shales. 


Diversity and Inclusion in the Geosciences

Geoscience is notoriously known for being one of the least diverse STEM fields. We must each do our part to change this by recruiting, supporting, and improving the professional experiences of women, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and other underrepresented communities. Here I outline a few initiatives and community projects that I've been a part of focused on fostering diversity and inclusion in the geosciences. 

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