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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in the Geosciences

Although I am not a social-scientist doing research in the field of diversity, equity, and inclusion, I am committed to doing my part to make the field of Geoscience a community in which people of any background feel they can be apart of. I believe it is critical that we work to create inclusive spaces and policies within our institutions in order to create a more equitable and diverse community of Earth-scientists. In working towards this goal, I have worked to establish the Association for Women Geoscientists, University of Wisconsin-Madison Chapter in order to build community and provide professional development and outreach opportunities for local self-identifying women and allies in the Earth Sciences. I have also worked very closely with a wonderful grassroots initiative in Madison, Wisconsin called GeoPath. Through GeoPath mentoring relationships between undergraduates and graduate students have been built, spaces in which community members can openly and honestly discuss topics surrounding diversity and inclusion have been created, and long-term resources (e.g., a field gear library) to improve equity within the department at UW-Madison have been established. Lastly, I have worked to share my own personal story, as a first-generation college student and young single-mother for most of my academic career, in order to highlight the barriers that caregivers and first-gen students face when working to attain STEM degrees at various levels.   

Here I share a bit of my journey through my geoscience degrees as a first generation college student and single mother. This interview was part of a GeoPath initiative to highlight diverse voices and personal pathways of geoscientists within the Geoscience department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Videography credit to Ethan Parrish

Recent DEI Activities & Events:​
  • Planning committee for IODP IMPACT Workshop in June 2022

  • Panelist for an IODP IMPACT Workshop Panel in Aug. 2021 focused on effective mentoring for historically marginalized groups in STEM

  • Successfully funded internal UW-Madison grant to support expanding departmental field gear library

  • Participant in DEI Resilience Reading Group and Midwest URGE (Unlearning Racism in Geosciences) Pod

Select Publications & Abstracts:​

Valencia Villa, A., Mixon, E., Bate, C.E., Callahan, E.H., Honig, S., Hupp, B.N., Parrish, E., Roberts, N., and Krishnan, A., 2019,

         Invigorating the geoscience community: Graduate student-led efforts in creating inclusive, equal, and diverse science and                     community at the University of Wisconsin-Madison: American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA. poster here.

Hupp, B.N., 2017, The Unconventional Minority: Preparing Single

Parents for Success within the Geosciences: Geological Society of America NE/NC Regional Meeting-Abstracts with Program, v. 49, paper no. 32-3. abstract here. 

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